The telescopic boom lift is another popular type of boom lifts. It is a straight line design by at least one boom section and could go straight during the high areas job. Typically, a telescopic boom lift can go higher than other types of boom lift due to its straight design and larger horizontal outreach. These features make the workers safely and effectively work near the obstacles and touch higher locations. However, telescopic equipment need more working space compared to an articulating boom lift. They are often used on job sites with tough terrain or where the obstacles are not able to be moved.

It comes with two types of telescopic boom lift, electric and diesel. They could both enhance the efficiency and safety of construction workers in a hard-to-reach place. The telescopic boom lift can reach out of difficult-to-access locations by its horizontal extendable arm. The operator safety in the working platform and controlled the equipment to find the best position they need.  The telescopic boom lift has the ability to fulfill hard tasks and is widely used on outdoor jobs.

Max. Working Height:
Machine Width:
Machine Height:

More About Telescopic Boom Lift

The cost of the telescopic boom lift ranges depending on the foots and brands. The price can be also different for your purchase purpose, such as buy new machine, used machine or rental. Below is the price list for telescopic boom lift.

Buying purposeFootstelescopic boom lift  price (USD)
Brand new machine60 ft55,000$-60,000$
Used equipment28,500$-30,000$
Brand new machine80 ft75,000$-80,000$
Used equipment45,000$-50,000$
Brand new machine85ft80,000$-90,000$
Used equipment55,000$-60,000$
Brand new machine125ft180,000$~200,000$
Used equipment75,000$-125,000$

A telescopic boom lift is the perfect equipment for outdoor jobs with a base to support the platform. The telescopic boom lift goes to the higher height due to its straight-going boom arms. Due to the arms of the telescopic boom lift cannot bend, it is less flexible than an articulation boom lift. Luckily, it has a greater outreach ability so it is very suitable for outdoor tall place jobs. It is popular for construction works because it can access to work at heights safely and can maneuver across all types of terrain. Additionally, the telescopic boom lift is intelligent and could perfectly adapt to aerial working platforms with its ability to avoid obstacles.

  • Straitly going up the the working areas and avoid the obstacles.
  • Electric and Diesel, Dual-Fuel optional.
  • Long lifespan battery, lifetime warranty
  • Higher outreach compared to an articulating boom lift.
  • Different size optional such as 60 ft, 80 ft, 85 ft and 125 ft.
  • A great tools for Great for outdoor applications.
  • OEM/ODM, customized brand, used scissor lift reselling and rental, full solution.
  • CE and ISO 9001 working and manufacturing standard, high quality
  • 24 hours after sales service and local training support
  • Distribution support, one site electric slab scissor lift supplier

Boom lift is a type of aerial work platform. It is also called by cherry picker, man lift or basket crane. The three types are telescopic boom lifts (straight boom lifts or stick booms), articulating boom lifts (knuckle boom lifts) and towable trailer boom lifts.

Telescopic boom lifts is able to reach at a tall position and can be used to access very high work areas. With 4WD(4 wheels drive)e it can be driven over rough terrain or work on unstable sites. Telescopic boom trucks enhance the ease and use of lifting personnel with a work platform, allowing for very smooth and direct movement: just elevate the boom and telescope out. Working heights can reach up to 207′ or more with a boom truck, and the ride is very smooth and stable.

The main disadvantages of telescopic boom lifts is that they are less maneuverable than articulating boom lifts, so it is less suitable for use in tight spaces or areas with obstacles. They also have a larger turning radius and tail swing, which can make them more difficult to maneuver in crowded areas.

Types of the boom liftBooms’ shapeVertical and Horizontal Reach ApplicationEngine Type
articulatingWith multiple pivot points to allow up-and-over accessless reach but are more ideal for moving around certain obstacles or places.ideal for indoor workDiesel and electirc Powered Engines 
 telescopicextend out in a straight linehigher vertical reach and horizontal reachideal for outdoor workDiesel and electirc Powered Engines

Spare parts list for a boom lift:

  • Base frame
  • Platform
  • Lifting mechanism.
  • Steer wheels
  • Driving room
  • Arrest bar
  • Tool tray
  • Panel cradle
  • Pipe cradle
  • Swing gate

180 to 185 foot. The height of a boom lift ranges from 40 ft to 185 ft. These ranges cover almost all the application for outdoor work.

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