Entertainment Solutions

From large-scale theme parks to movie scenes, the application scope of high-altitude work vehicles has exceeded traditional applications such as amusement facility construction and maintenance that we usually consider.

Large-scale fireworks shows, creating artificial rain, and live broadcasting of events In these applications that you haven’t even thought about, high-altitude work equipment plays an irreplaceable role.

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Recommendation of the MEWP in Entertainment

In the Universal Studios project, technicians often need heavy aerial equipment to carry many photographic equipment and tools. At this time, Genie ® XC ™ The series of straight-arm high-altitude operation equipment is the best choice.

The industry-leading 300 kg unrestricted and 454 kg restricted area load capacity can improve work efficiency by at least one-third with one device.

In addition, the excellent horizontal extension and coverage of work scope make Genie XC more suitable for customized application projects, such as large-scale light shows, outdoor photography scene layout, and on-site control.

The ESPN World Sports Center, located at the Disney theme park in Orlando, often uses Guinness scissor carts and armchairs to shoot and record sports events.

Genie®GS™- The 5390 RT scissor type high-altitude work platform has a large platform area and strong load-bearing capacity, which can easily load bulky photography equipment and accommodate multiple people for simultaneous shooting.

At the Castellet Formula One Grand Prix, which made its debut in France for the first time in 28 years, the organizers rented a Genie Z to allow the audience to watch the entire race up close from all angles ®- The 135/70 curved arm high-altitude operation platform broadcasts the competition live. From the accident on the sharp turn after the first lap to the final victory of British driver Lewis Hamilton, Genie Z-135/70 clearly recorded every exciting moment.