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Sports venue construction is a highly specialized and technology-intensive field that involves a large number of complex and difficult engineering tasks, such as curtain wall installation, steel structure construction, lighting, and cable laying.

These tasks often need to be carried out at high altitudes and are subject to multiple limitations of terrain, structure, and environmental factors.

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Recommendation of the MEWP in Gym

Ultra large load straight Booms Challenge

The construction of sports venues mostly relies on steel structures, which are usually over 20 meters high and have complex shapes. During the construction process, equipment is required to be able to perform extended operations from a distance and easily cope with complex ground environments.


The design of the Guinness ultra heavy load series straight arm high-altitude operation platform can perfectly meet this challenge. Its short arm rotation range ranges from 125 ° to 135 °, covering an ultra-high working range of 32-41 meters.

Compared with similar products in the industry, the horizontal extension ability is 1.5 to 3.5 meters more, making it easy to cross obstacles on the ground without frequent adjustment of equipment position, greatly improving work efficiency.

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Articulated Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts Challenge

Modern sports venue construction emphasizes environmental protection and sustainability. For example, the construction of the Hangzhou Asian Games venue emphasizes the concept of “green, intelligent, thrifty, and civilized”, which also brings higher construction difficulties. High-altitude work equipment with high flexibility and a narrow body is required in limited space and special site conditions.


Genie’s Articulated Boom Lifts and Scissor Lifts are very suitable for such needs. The articulated arms has a unique double parallelogram structure, which allows it to perfectly fit the vertical wall for lifting and lowering, while the proportional control lever makes the boom operation smoother and positioning more accurate. The Genie Scissor lifts has been praised for its narrow body and flexible mobility.


Mainly used for indoor lighting, laying of water and electrical circuits, installation of fire-fighting facilities, air conditioning equipment, installation of indoor ceilings, and later leak detection in sports venues.