RECOO Rentals provides Direct Lease and Sublease solutions both

Direct Lease Solutions

Direct Lease Solutions which means the types of equipment we owned JLG Genie Dingli booms of three mainly international famous brands for steel mills such as BaoSteel, BenSteel in coastal areas of China and international steel mills like Arcelor Mittal, Thyssenkrupp use only.

We do not only provide directions, professional training before working, security guidance supporting in leasing, but also the personnel engineers at the site for 24 hours X 7 days, finance solutions and free delivery and pick up.

Sublease Solutions

Sublease Solutions which supports the common rental companies in China and the cash flow issue’s rental companies in scissor lifts in the beginning around the world.

We RECOO Rentals is spreading to establish the domestic China bases and overseas branches to output and formally enhance the aftermarket services in maintenance.

  • 67 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie Z-62/40(2013)

  • 51 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie Z-45 XC(2013)

  • 46 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie Z-40/23 N(2013)

  • 40 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie Z-34/22 N(2016)

  • 36 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie Z-30/20 N(2016)

  • 158 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie SX-150(2015)

  • 141 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie S-135 XC(2017)

  • 86 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie S-80(2012)

  • 66 Ft Used Boom Lift, Genie S-60(2016)

RECOO Rentals Procedures

Domestic China 

We consult the models of booms or scissors according to the project required and match, sign the lease agreement, deliver and pick up from our bases in China to customer-appointed mill addresses for direct rentals and follow the rental companies’ instructions for sublease rentals both.

International Market

We encourage cash flow issues rental companies to step into the rental industry from us but it establishes bilateral benefits and honest principles and rules. It helps them to spend 30% of total value to take equipment home for starting working and the cost of transport, loading port charges and sea freight all are covered by RECOO Rentals. Then, the equipment can be buyout during the agreement period of regularly 12 months without vacancies or renewed the next round 12 months.

How to Choose Suitable Articulated Boom?

Articulating Boom Lift is a type of equipment commonly used for high-altitude operations and difficult-to-reach areas, especially in the presence of obstacles. The main feature of this platform is its ‘curved arm’ structure, consisting of multiple joints that can be folded or unfolded, allowing the platform to stretch and move vertically and horizontally.

The curved arm design provides 2 main advantages:

  • Flexibility: The curved arm high-altitude work platform can bypass obstacles and reach areas that are difficult for workers to directly approach from the ground.
  • Accessibility: They can move up, down, and left and right within a certain range, thus providing better accessibility in specific working environments, such as narrow spaces or limited entrances.

These high-altitude work platforms are usually equipped with a manned platform that can be operated through the control system on the vehicle, allowing operators to safely carry out maintenance, repair, building or cleaning tasks. Based on power, they may be powered by batteries, internal combustion engines, or hybrid power, and can be designed for indoor use, outdoor use, or a combination of both.

So how do we choose to rent a curved arm high-altitude work platform?

Determine the work site: Indoor homework

Consider noise control and pollution-free requirements, with a compact structure to pass through narrow spaces. Outdoor homework: A model with off-road and hill climbing performance may be required.

Evaluate homework requirements

  • Load demand: Choose a platform that can bear the weight of workers and equipment.
  • Platform size: Ensure that the platform provides sufficient workspace.
  • High demand: Select the corresponding work platform based on the height of the assignment.

Consider obstacles

If it is necessary to work in environments with obstacles, curved arm high-altitude work platforms can provide greater flexibility.

Ground conditions

Confirm the type of ground (such as cement, sand, or uneven ground) to select the appropriate model.

Model selection

Understand common high-altitude operation platform models in the market, such as scissor type and straight arm type, and then choose curved arm type according to specific situations.

Tenant selection

Choose a rental provider that offers multiple models, good service, and good reputation.

When choosing, you should consult a professional high-altitude work platform rental provider, who can provide more detailed model information and professional advice to help you choose the most suitable curved arm high-altitude work platform.


For internationally direct rentals or sublease, you may E-mail us the environment situation and destination countries for further solutions by [email protected] or WhatsApp +86 1396 560 1261.

We RECOO Rentals support sublease internationally for 12 months in majority business solutions, to rental in directly from us, it depends on the steel mills usage units.

We RECOO Rentals pick up the equipment from your warehouse with formal document along with legal papers, or you may buyout the equipment on it to transfer the property at once from RECOO Rentals.

We RECOO Rentals encourage our partner to have long terms of business relationships in each friendly countries and it is only needs to surely before issue the extending contract and related documents signing.

We RECOO Rentals accept 30% in total value of the equipments in sublease, and the deposit can be refundable with immediately reaction when fully documents and rental rates settlement completed.

We RECOO Rentals focus on internationally JLG Genie Dingli brands only and Booms mostly are JLG Genie brands in range of the platform height 14m to 41m, scissor lifts mostly are Genie DINGLI from 6m to 14m platform height.

We RECOO Rentals release 50% to 50% and two months free rental rates acquired.