Rough terrain scissor lift is engine-powered technology with 4 wheels (4WD) running at the same time. The lift ability, power and speed have been enhanced by the rough terrain technology which makes the scissor lifts easy to finish the tough job for outdoor work. The engine-powered 4WD RT scissor lifts have a wide application from 26 ft to 53 ft and can work at a full height.

Unlike the electric scissor lifts, rough terrain scissor lifts work perfectly for uneven and tough outdoor surfaces or roads. Its high working ability makes the scissor lift capable for all of the difficult outdoor high areas jobs.  Due to the big platform working areas and high lifting capacities, TacMan engine-powered 4WD rough terrain scissor lifts could finish heavy tasks easily.

Max. Working Height:
Machine Width:
Machine Height:

The displayed makes/models are just examples, and the delivered equipment may vary. Please contact customer support to inquire about the availability of specific makes/models.

  • TS-5390 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
    TS-5390 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Self-Propelled Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts 5390 RT rough terrain scissor lift is a large scissor lift with a lift ability 50 to 53 ft. It is a 4wd device with 4 wheels engine powered….
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  • TS-4069 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
    TS-4069 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Self-Propelled Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts 4069 RT rough terrain scissor lift is a powerful equipment with 40 ft lift ability for indoor and outdoor high areas works. It has long lifetime and could finish…
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  • TS-3369 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
    TS-3369 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Self-Propelled Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts TS-3369RT rough terrain scissor lift belongs to the 33 ft scissor lift. It is often used in heavy-duty outdoor high areas work. The 3369 RT scissor lift is engine-powered and…
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  • TS-2669 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift
    TS-2669 RT Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Self-Propelled Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts The TS-2669 RT rough terrain scissor lift is a 26 ft engine-powered RT scissor lift designed for outdoor special working conditions such as difficult to pass, rugged, rocky, muddy, and rough…
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More About Rough terrain scissor lift

The cost of the rough terrain scissor lift ranges depending on the feet and brands. The price can be also different for your purchase purpose, such as buy new machine, used machine, or rental. Below is the pricelist for rough terrain scissor lifts.

Buying PurposeFootsRough Terrain  Scissor Lift Price (USD)
Brand new machine26 ft12,500$-14,000$
Used Equipment7,500$-8,000$
Brand new machine33 ft14,500$-16,500$
Used Equipment9,000$-12,000$
Brand new machine40 ft17,500$-19,500$
Used Equipment15,000$-18,000$
Brand new machine53 ft22,500$-25,000$
Used equipment20,000$-22,000$

A rough terrain scissor lift is a powerful piece of equipment that is the same as an all-terrain scissor lift or 4×4 scissor lift. It is an engine powered 4WD aerial work platform which is used for providing stable and secure access to elevated work areas on uneven or sloping surfaces. A big advantage of a rough terrain scissor lift is that they are capable of uneven or sloping grounds. Rough terrain scissor lifts with outriggers, for instance, are especially useful in avoiding tip-overs, one of the most common types of workplace accidents. Outrigger deployment offers a stable, safe base for workers. No matter the terrain, there’s a scissor lift right for the job. 

  • Engine-powered rough terrain scissor lifts, high lifting ability
  • 4WD, 4 wheels drive scissor lifts
  • Large platform size can sustain more workers
  • Long life span, high quality and lifetime warranty
  • High-performance tires are capable of resisting punctures while offering improved traction over uneven surfaces.
  • Safely traverse slopes up to 45% gradability, which allows them to safely traverse inclines and perform tasks over uneven surfaces.
  • Full lift ability from 26 ft to 53 ft.
  • Safe working platform for tough adverse outdoor conditions.
  • Fast, safe and efficient, much enhanced productivity.
  • OEM/ODM, customized brand new machine, used machine and rental

The rough terrain scissor lift can work on uneven ground. All-terrain scissor lifts can safely traverse slopes up to 40% gradeability, which allows them to safely traverse inclines and perform tasks over uneven surfaces.

First we should come inside the platform and the turn the machine on. Switch the machine into neutral and grab the joystick forward and backward to direct the lift up or down. To steer, use the switch on the joystick to move left or right. Always be sure to strap into a safety harness before moving the lift. To truly understand how to drive a rough terrain scissor lift, though, you’ll want to undergo thorough training.

Normally we need a training certificate to operate the scissor lifts. If you or someone you work with plans to operate a small rough terrain scissor lift, you’ll want to get certified first. Here is a website that could provide you with certification: ”Aerial Lift Certification” 

When it comes to uneven terrains, then engine-powered telescopic/articulating boom lifts or rough terrain scissor lifts are better.

Weight: from 7,000 lbs to 8,000 lbs.

Type of the scissor liftNoisePowerApplicationWorking platformsweight capacity environment
ElectricQuietBattery-poweredEven groundSmallerLowerEnvironment friendly
 rough terrainA little noiseEngineer poweredEven and uneven groundLargerHigherLess Environment friendly

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