Haulotte Joystick Controller are used for Haulotte scissor lift and boom lifts. Haulotte is a famous brand for boom and scissor lifts. Haulotte lifts are high quality but some of the parts need to be replaced after long years usage.

We offer a full series of joystick controllers for Haulotte machinery. Search the Haulotte Joystick controller replacement according to the part NO:

How Much does Haulotte Joystick Controller Cost?

The Haulotte Joystick Controller price and cost depend on the quality of the parts, manufacturer ability, part number, order quantity and the shipping method, and we also accept customize your own design and brand. To order the best Haulotte Joystick Controller for your business, please contact us for more details

Price & cost for Haulotte Joystick controller

Part No:ApplicationPrice $ cost (USD)
2901015000 Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$98-$198
2441305370 Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$118-$218
2441305360  Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$98-$198
2441305340 Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$108-$208
2441305250 Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$108-$208
2441305220 Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$118-$218
2441305180 Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$98-$198
2441305160 Replacement for Haulotte  Joystick$118-$218

How to replace a joystick for Haulotte boom lifts and scissor lifts?

  1. Ensure the equipment is power off before replace the joystick.
  2. Ensure the red emergency button is pull out.
  3. Remove the control box from the bracket.
  4. Open the control box and then disconnect the wires.
  5. Remove screws from the joystick mounting.
  6. Remove the old joystick, and install the new joystick into the control box.
  7. Apply dielectric grease on wire terminals and re-connect the wires.
  8. Re-assemble the control box.
  9. Turn on the equipment to test the function for the new joystick.

What does a Haulotte joystick used for?

Haulotte joystick are used for all types for Haulotte scissor lifts and boom lifts. A joystick, or a controller, is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle or direction to the device it is controlling. A joystick on Haulotte equipment has various switches to control the movements of the Haulotte equipment. Haulotte equipment is of high quality but like many other consumables, Haulotte joystick needs to be replaced after long years of usage. Replace a new Joystick would help the worker operate the equipment safely and easily.

How often should I replace a joystick for a Haulotte scissor lift or boom lift?

Generally speaking, a Haulotte joystick controller could used a long time due to its high quality, however, we still suggest to replace a new Haulotte joystick after 3 years to 5 years especially for extremely dirty conditions may require oil changes to be performed more often.

How do joysticks work? 

A joystick is an input device consisting of a stick that pivots on a base and reports its angle and direction to the device it is controlling. It detects the direction of the stick by use of an electronic switch, Hall Effect, strain gauge or potentiometers. When a joystick is moved, a message is relayed to the device or object being controlled and that triggers a corresponding movement.

What is the specification for a Haulotte joystick?

The size are different depends on the Haulotte joystick part no. Most of them have a length 3cm, width 4cm and height 10cm.

What is your warranty for a new replacement joystick?

Most of our joysticks for Haulotte scissor lifts and boom lifts have a long lifespan, we give 1 year free warranty for a new replacement joystick controller.

Is there a joystick can used on all of the Haulotte equipment?

No. Due to there are many specific models Haulotte scissor lifts and boom lifts, we need different types joystick to use on them and some joystick can used for multiple Haulotte models but not all the lifts. Just share the part no to confirm with us which joystick is the one your required.

What payment terms do you have for ordering a new joystick controller?

T/T, western union, paypal and etc.

How do you ship a new Haulotte joystick controller?

We ship a new Haulotte Joystick controller by DHL, FEDEX, UPS, air cargo which takes around 7 days for delivery, door to door service.