Steel Mills Solutions

Steel mills use Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) frequently in their day-to-day activities.

For example, critical equipment needs regular maintenance and inspection which can be done through MEWPs that give access to elevated areas such as overhead cranes, machinery and storage tanks. On the other hand, if you have to clean and paint large surfaces of machines in confined spaces then a Scissor Lift Rental is recommended because it is compact enough to manoeuvre.

There are different types of scissor lifts and boom lifts at Tacman that can work well in any setting and meet different requirements. We also offer customization options for those who have specific needs. Furthermore, you can save both time and money by using our rental services where the prices are flexible depending on how long your project will take.

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Recommendation of the MEWP in Steel Mills

It should concern to the cost first as global famously brand JLG Genie it is no reason that the best performance in each models but cost it same on higher side. So the competitive cost in our own brand TacMan you’ll deserved it but it is limited below 20 meters platform height only, the Models such as TS1530, TCPT1212, TCPT1412, TCPT1612 in scissor lifts, GTBZ18AE, GTBZ20AE in articulated booms.

Even the platform height over 20 meters height, we do use JLG Genie Dingli with much reliability and more safety considerations. The common use range of 4.5m to 20m in scissor lifts or boom lifts, we Made in China given 100% well-known performance and test over 5 years around the world partners in Southeast Asia and Europe, and the policy from us is ‘One Country One Partner’ to guarantee the dealers or partners in each country in smoothly and healthy supplying chains management.

Of course, some used JLG Genie scissor lifts or booms lifts we are dealing with from our rental company RECOO Rentals which is welcomed around the world by customers who are lowering the rental cost to achieve the ROI in best understanding and operating. To do repainting, new battery wheel Assembly replacement, seal kit & oil change and also the engine maintenance is done, you own the perfect equipment.

Difference of the Rentals and Used Equipment Procurement

Base on the Recommendation of the MEWP, you’ll have 2 kinds of best solutions in rentals or used equipment procurement both in priority.

To private mills, they prefer to procure equipment in 100% property owned which means they don’t need to worry about aftermarket services from us. And they owns equipment with flexible working in anytime and anyway. Even the final depression cost can be recycled from us to exchange for new or just deal with it in final from RECOO Rentals services.

To state owned mills, they should consider the depression cost and how to deal with it by whom decision. That is a question. So to rentals from us they’ll also enjoy the aftermarket services and the best way in rent in or out it can be very convenient  to make a call to us. Even the cost of the rates it is in legally invoiced and receipts.

So to buy from us the Models such as TS1530, TCPT1212, TCPT1412, TCPT1612 in scissor lifts, GTBZ18AE, GTBZ20AE in articulated booms below 20 meters recommended in our own brand TacMan.

To rentals, there is no any limited in brand new or used equipment but we recommend our rental fleet in JLG Genie Dingli brand with over 20 meters models such as S60, 660SJ, 600S, S65, S80, 800S, 800AJ, 860SJ, S85, S125XC, Z135, SX180 1350SJ, 1850SJ, BA30RT, BT30RT, BT44RT and so on.

To buy used equipments, we provide 90% refurbished in good surface, broken parts replacement, engine and fully maintenance to guarantee the customer using it with good experience without troubles.