Our Story

TacMan came up with good ideas to solve the price gaps but performance in lower side industries solutions for the global market in 2018. Steel materials have been our history business for more than 5 years which has been reflected by the policies in exporting from China so we do ourselves transform from steel materials to a machine combined.

Now you can see us from guaranteed in steel structures with any brands competing but also the parts have tested years combined in our TacMan. Prices, Quality and Services should be matched so you deserve to own your TacMan from us. We will also encourage the policy in ‘One Country One Partner’ to ensure you are the one from us for more than 3 years from 2019 so what are you waiting for? Let’s move together in this happy starting from now on. Rich U. Grow. Us.

Tacman Product

Our Mission

As a industry leader, we offer equipment leasing and sales services for global major brands, striving to explore diverse forms of cooperation on a global scale. At the same time, we focus on the research and production of products under our independent brand, TacMan, providing customers with more professional and personalized solutions. We delve into the spare parts supply chain, offering comprehensive spare parts services for different models of equipment from major brands, ensuring the stable operation and long-term value of our customers’ equipment.