Articulating boom lift are a type of aerial equipment and make it possible to access the working zones which is difficult to reach. With multiple arm joints located in the arm sections, an articulating boom lift can reach any angel in outdoor jobs. Unlike the scissor lift which could only move up and down, a boom lift can move easily in a horizontal and vertical direction. It means a boom lift has the more powerful ability to reach the working zones at a small angle.

An articulating boom lift is a unique design to lift with precise positioning to enter in difficult-to-access working zones. Due to the “up-and-over” capabilities to navigate obstacles at height, a boom lift is a great tools for outdoor construction workers. Moreover, an articulating boom lift could also be applied to indoor jobs as the arms can bend because of its multiple joints. Articulating boom lift divides into 2 types according to the engine: Electric and Diesel, Dual-Fuel.

Max. Working Height:
Machine Width:
Machine Height:
  • TS-85 ft Articulating Boom Lift Electric
    TS-85 ft articulating boom lift electric Self-Propelled 85ft articulating boom lifts 85ft articulated boom lift is electric engine. It is cost-effective and environment friendly. It can easily enter the work zones which are hard to reach. With the 85 ft design, it…
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  • 80ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel
    80ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel Self-Propelled 80ft articulating boom Lifts 80ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel is designed for access to the obstructed work zones. With the accurate position ability, it is a perfect tool for outdoor special working conditions such as reaching…
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  • TS-60 ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel
    TS-60 ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel Self-Propelled 60ft electric & Diesel boom lifts 60 ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel is a combination of electric and diesel power together. With this strong power, it is only one of the…
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  • TS-60 ft Articulating Boom Lift Electric
    TS-60 ft articulating boom lift electric Self-Propelled 60ft electric boom lifts 60 ft articulating boom lift electric is an electric boom lift with a articulating beam. (Multiple-joint). Unlike a scissor lift (Only moves up and down), a boom lift can move horizontally and vertically,…
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  • TS-45 ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel
    TS-45 ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel Self-propelled 45ft articulating boom Lifts 45 ft Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel is an optimal equipment which can reach the area where is hard to access. The reason is the 45 ft articulating boom…
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  • TS-45 ft Articulating Boom Lift
    TS-45 ft Articulating Boom Lift Self-Propelled 45ft articulating boom Lifts 45ft electrical articulated boom lift is one designed for indoor & outdoor special working conditions such as difficult narrow to pass, small corner to touch, and lifting up and down to adjust,…
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More About Articulating boom lift

The cost of the Articulating boom lift ranges depending on the foots and brands. The price can be also different for your purchase purpose, such as buy new machine, used machine or rental. Below is the pricelist for slab Articulating boom lift.

Buying purposeFootsArticulating boom lift  price (USD)
Brand new machine45 ft35,000$-38,500$
Used equipment26,500$-28,500$
Brand new machine60 ft55,000$-60,000$
Used equipment28,500$-30,000$
Brand new machine80ft75,000$-80,000$
Used equipment45,000$-50,000$
Brand new machine85 ft80,000$-90,000$
Used equipment55,000$-60,000$

An articulating boom lift is an ideal tools for indoor and outdoor work, especially for those working zones which are hard to reach. It is the best equipment to work in a small or narrow space.

Supported by a 360-degree base, the articulating boom lift can move flexibly and conveniently. With these articulation and rotation arms and base, its platform could work on various obstacles and at several points without the need to redirect the base. The articulating boom lift is a high efficient equipment with a wide application for construction workers. This advanced equipment has enlarged the production ability and efficiency of high-area jobs.

  • Easily access to the work zones which are hard to reach.
  • Electric and Diesel, Dual-Fuel optional.
  • Long lifespan battery, lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for jobs which need to adjust your lift position frequently
  • Different sizes optional such as 45 ft, 85 ft, 125 ft and 135 ft.
  • A great tool for indoor and outdoor high areas works.
  • OEM/ODM, customized brand, used scissor lift reselling and rental, full solution.
  • CE and ISO 9001 working and manufacturing standards, high quality
  • 24 hours after-sales service and local training support
  • Distribution support, one-site electric slab scissor lift supplier

As we see from the name, a boom lift use a boom to lift workers and materials to high areas. There is a base support the boom lift, The boom can reach at no matter low or high heights. By using hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the boom,  the boom lift becomes higher and can reach to a tall places. When the boom is lowered, the boom lift becomes shorter and can fit through narrower spaces. These cylinders are powered by either electric or diesel engines.

Due to there are different models and brands of boom lift. It is hard to make a sane standard to use all types of boom lifts. See this guider on how to use a boom lift.

  • Make sure the working areas is widely and safe enough.
  • The worker enter in the driving room after their safety is confirmed.
  • Start the safety mechanisms, such as a kill switch and outriggers, and a parking brake and wheel chocks to ensure the vehicle is stable and won’t move.
  • The workers should harness themselves into the work platform and everything is safe.
  • Close the door and turn on the kill switch.
  • Use the joystick to control the boom elevation, yaw, and tilt. There may also be settings for extending the boom if the lift has this functionality built in. The operator will also use the joystick to bring the boom back to its starting position.
  • Pay attention to the location of the arms and make sure it is an safe area.
  • Carefully operate the boom lifts and keep looking around the working zones.
  • Be slow and close all the switch after the job is finish.
  • Make the boom lift to park stable and get out from the driving room.

JLB is a boom extension between the end of the primary boom and the platform. Boom lifts add another articulation point for the platform to move up and down, and in some situations, side-to-side.

Types of the boom liftBooms’ shapeVertical and Horizontal Reach ApplicationEngine Type
articulatingWith multiple pivot points to allow up-and-over accessless reach but are more ideal for moving around certain obstacles or places.ideal for indoor workDiesel and electirc Powered Engines 
 telescopicextend out in a straight linehigher vertical reach and horizontal reachideal for outdoor workDiesel and electirc Powered Engines

Spare parts list for a boom lift:

  • Base frame
  • Platform
  • Lifting mechanism.
  • Steer wheels
  • Driving room
  • Arrest bar
  • Tool tray
  • Panel cradle
  • Pipe cradle
  • Swing gate

Whether you want to buy a brand new or used Articulating boom lift, Recco is one of your best choices as we are the leading supplier of high-quality boom lift machines in China which could offer full marketing solutions for overseas buyers. Furthermore, we could also offer rental service in your local market.

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