Narrow Scissor Lift vs Wide Scissor Lift, What Is The Difference?

When we classify a scissor lift, there are 2 main types popular on the market, narrow scissor lift and wide scissor lift. They are both efficient for high areas works which applied to construction, building, HVAC, painting, construction and repairing. They are both battery powered which is environment friendly. So what is the difference between them? This article will explain the common things and differences between a narrow and wide scissor lift.

What is a narrow scissor lift?

A narrow scissor lift is a useful tools for interior high areas jobs. It is battery-powered or engine-powered. The narrow scissor lift has a smaller width but works perfectly for indoor works including wall and ceiling repair and maintenance. The dimension of a narrow scissor lift is around 32 inches wide, it is a perfect option for most of the standard doorway jobs, you don’t need a spare door or a larger working space.

What is a wide scissor lift?

The wide electric scissor lift has a larger width. With this ability, it can sustain more workers, and enable the equipment to work both on indoor and outdoor job. For example, a wide scissor lift has a great performance on mural work, bricklaying, ceiling work, and light fixture maintenance.

A wide scissor lift is around 46 inches wide, meaning it will not fit through your standard doorway. If you use a wide scissor lift, you will have to make sure you have a double door or larger entryway so the lift can fit through.

What is the difference between the narrow and wide scissor lift?


Narrow scissor lift dimensions (19 ft narrow scissor lift as the example)

TypeNarrow Scissor lift
Max. Working Height25 ft 3 in7.85m
Max. Platform Height19 ft 3 in5.85m
Overall Length(Without Outriggers)//
Overall Length(With Outriggers)//
Overall Width30.2 in0.77m
Overall Height(Rails Up)7 ft 1 in2.16m
Overall Height(Rails Down)5 ft 11 in1.80m
Platform Size(Length×Width) 5 ft 5 in x 29.9 in1.66m x 0.76m
Platform Extension Size3 ft0.91 m
Ground Clearance(Stowed/Raised)3.2in/0.9in8cm/2.3cm
Wheelbase4 ft 4 in1.32m
Turning Radius(Inside/Outside)0/5 ft 1 in0/1.55m
Tyres12 x 4.5in30.5 × 11.5 cm
Overall Weight3209 lb1456kg
Overall Weight(Optional Add)3354lb1521kg

Wide scissor lift dimensions (38 ft wide scissor lift as the example)

TypeWide Scissor lift
Max. Working Height38 ft 1 in11.78m
Max. Platform Height32 ft 1 in9.78m
Overall Length(Without Outriggers)//
Overall Length(With Outriggers)//
Overall Width3 ft 10 in1.18m
Overall Height(Rails Up)7 ft 7 in2.31m
Overall Height(Rails Down)6 ft1.83m
Platform Size(Length×Width) 7 ft 5 in x 3ft 10 in2.26m x 1.18m
Platform Extension Size3 ft0.91m
Ground Clearance(Stowed/Raised)5in/0.9in12cm/2.3cm
Wheelbase6 ft 1 in1.85m
Turning Radius
0/7 ft 6 in0/2.29m
Tyres15 x 5in38× 13 cm
Overall Weight5218 lb2367 kg
Overall Weight(Optional Add)5397 lb2440 kg

Working space

Narrow scissor lift with its smaller width design, could work in a narrow area without adding a special door and does not take up a lot of space. Wide scissor lift has enhanced the width which could sustain more workers but requires a larger working space. (Sometimes even need to add a special door)

Sustain ability

As there are differences between these two types of scissor lifts, they have different sustainability. Typically a narrow scissor lift could support 1 to 2 workers standing on the platform at one time while the wide scissor lift could sustain 2 to 3 workers.

Working area

Typically, a narrow scissor lift is more suitable for a small working area (indoor areas) and a wide scissor lift may not fit for a narrow space as it is wider.

Other factors

Due to the width of the narrow and wide scissor lift are not same, the weight and usage cost of a narrow scissor lift is smaller compared to a wide one.

How to select the right width for your scissor lifts?

To select a narrow or a wide scissor lift is according to your budget, workers and the most important factor is the working area. If most of your working area is in a narrow indoor place, we suggest you to go with the narrow scissor lift. In another side, if you have a larger working space for outdoor jobs, you could consider the wide scissor lifts.