Exhibition Hall Solutions

The Exhibition Hall is one of the most comprehensive and complex large-scale application venues Every small space or high-altitude building needs to be maintained with good and safe high-altitude work equipment.

From February 19th to 21st, 2024, The ARA Show 2024 officially kicked off, and Genie participated with a strong lineup, showcasing a series of exciting events. Every piece of equipment is designed for a variety of work scenarios, from narrow indoor conditions to rugged outdoor terrain, Genie’s models are almost suitable for all work scenarios.

High quality equipment and excellent service support bring lower total equipment ownership costs and maximum investment returns to leasing customers.

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The Difference and Advantages of the Regular S65 Compare to S®-65 TraX ™

Boom Lifts: Low Total Equipment Holding Cost and Reliable Equipment Performance

Common S65 is mostly applied outdoors with hard to through road designing. S®-65 TraX ™ online which is much better developed and more reliable.

S®-65 TraX ™ Boom Lifts Equipped with a four-point tracked driving system, it reduces ground contact pressure and reduces damage to sensitive surfaces, allowing for smooth driving even on rough and uneven terrain.

The swinging axle and 22° up and down rotation function give the device excellent off-road performance, allowing it to easily overcome ground obstacles under extreme working conditions.

300 kilograms of unrestricted load and 454 kilograms of restricted load, capable of handling working conditions with special requirements for load capacity, including communication, oil and gas applications, quarries, and general construction projects.

Recommendation More Optional of the Hybrid Power

Z-45 FE and S-60 DC

Z of hybrid power ®- The 45 FE and electric S-60 DC are models specifically designed for modern construction sites. They can meet the requirements of modern construction sites for cleanliness and environmental protection while maintaining stability, reliability, and high performance, and are suitable for various working conditions indoors, outdoors, and even rugged terrain.

Two selectable modes (electric or hybrid) provide customers with multifunctional and sustainable solutions to meet indoor and outdoor construction needs, even in areas without power supply. In hybrid mode, these high-altitude work platforms can run for a week using only one barrel of diesel.

When hybrid and fully electric high-altitude work equipment operates in electric mode, a single charge can meet the work task of one shift. The equipped AC drive motor has the same torque output as the liquid drive motor but reduces energy consumption by 30-40%.

The fully sealed IP67 waterproof and dust-proof AC drive motor greatly extends the charging time of the battery and reduces operating and maintenance costs. Equipped with four-wheel AC electric drive and actively swinging axles, it has 45% climbing ability and can reach a driving speed of 6.4 kilometers per hour on rough terrain.

New Electric Drive and Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts Series

  • Easy to handle indoor and outdoor construction site applications
  • Electric drive series scissor cart
  • The fully enclosed brushless AC motor saves equipment maintenance costs.
  • 25% climbing force, 14 ° climbing angle, climbing on the slope without touching the bottom.
  • Reduced 70% of hydraulic hoses and fittings, reducing the likelihood of hydraulic oil leakage.

Rough ground Scissor Lifts GS-5390RT

40% climbing ability, maximum working height of 8.15 meters, load capacity of 680 kilograms, and can accommodate up to four people working simultaneously.

The high utilization rate and high residual value have made GS-5390RT the trusted choice for leasing companies for over 20 years.

Four standard hydraulic support legs enhance stability on rugged terrain, and the double extension platform with front and rear expansion provides more workspace.