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Since its launch into the market, the Genie high-altitude operation platform has been loved by many construction companies and end users, and its presence can be seen in major construction sites across the country.

From the construction of outdoor bridges and subway depots to the maintenance of indoor facilities and equipment, Genie has won unanimous praise from the market for its excellent working performance and safety performance.

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Industrial Plants and Construction Sites

Traditional high-altitude work equipment, such as scaffolding, suffer from issues such as high consumables, poor safety, and poor timeliness. However, high-altitude work platforms, with their excellent safety guarantees and work efficiency, have become ideal substitutes for scaffolding, promoting construction efficiency and greatly improving the safety of high-altitude work.

Genie With its industry-leading 300 kg load capacity, compact chassis design, and 7550 kg equipment weight, the S-60J provides essential functions for high-altitude operations, making it an ideal choice for construction, inspection and maintenance, paint spraying, and other operations.

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Equipment Installation in Complex Environments

Under some special construction conditions, high-altitude work platforms are the best choice to meet construction requirements.

The COMAC Jiangxi Production Test Flight Center project requires a large installation area for the roof panels of the main building, and the project is progressing quickly. The equipment needs to have a small footprint and be flexible and convenient to move, to improve work efficiency more quickly.

The Genie ultra-large load series high-altitude operation platform has demonstrated its skills in this project and has been praised by the construction party as a “versatile expert”.

Genie® SX-125 XC, The horizontal extension range reaches 24.38 meters, and the vertical rotation angle range of the short arm is 135 °, which can perfectly cover the working range of 32 meters to 38.12 meters, easily crossing obstacles.

Moreover, the vehicle is compact and compact, covering an area of only 3.94 meters x 4.11 meters. Multiple high-altitude vehicles can operate simultaneously, allowing for flexible movement during construction in narrow indoor spaces, making work efficiency effortless.

The platform has a load capacity of 454 kilograms and can accommodate three operators at the same time, carrying more materials for high-altitude operations, and saving time for frequent retrieval of installation materials.

Maintenance of the Buildings

The decoration, cleaning, and maintenance of the exterior walls of buildings require temporary high-altitude accessibility, similar to outdoor advertising installation, infrastructure maintenance, and indoor repairs.

In these applications, fixed scaffolding is completely unsuitable. Moreover, although commonly used hanging basket equipment can meet some requirements, its safety and mobility, especially in situations where the work scope is large and the work area is wide, have more obvious disadvantages compared to high-altitude work platforms.

The 40-meter-high water tower in Italy needs to be repaired, and due to long-term disrepair, the concrete slab debris on the roof often falls to the ground. To complete the water tower repair work safely and efficiently, the Italian municipal construction contractor, after understanding and evaluating the water tower and various details, ultimately decided to choose the Genie ZX-135/70.

The Genie ZX-135/70 has a working height of 43.15 meters and a horizontal extension range of 18.03 meters. The operator only needs 96 seconds to reach the maximum working height from the ground, and the turntable can rotate continuously 360° Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering make it easy to handle rough terrain. These features make Genie ZX-135/70 the perfect choice for challenging water tower maintenance work.

High altitude work platforms, as important equipment for high-altitude construction and maintenance, also have a certain range of applicability in the working environment. So choosing the appropriate type and model of high-altitude work platform is particularly important.

As a leader in the field of high-altitude work vehicle platforms, Genie provides customers with a rich range of products to cover operational needs in complex scenarios.