TS-85 ft Telescopic Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel

Self-Propelled 60ft electric boom lifts

85ft telescopic boom lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel is a rare size of the boom lift. TacMan is one of the suppliers who can offer 85ft telescopic boom lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel. The equipment is a wonderful tool for accessing the working zones which are difficult to enter. With this ability, it can be applied to construction, maintenance, and repair.

Key Specification

ModelMeasurementsMax. Working HeightMax. Platform HeightOverall WidthOverall Weight
ED800AJUS90 ft85 ft8 ft40,000 lb
Metric28 m26 m2.5 m18,000 kg
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TS-85 ft Telescopic Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel specifications

Max. Working Height90 ft28.00m
Max. Platform Height85 ft26.00m
Overall Length(Stowed)40 ft12 m
Overall Width8 ft2.50 m
Overall Height(Stowed)9 ft2.80m
Platform Size(Length×Width) 8 ft  x 3 ft2.44 m x 0.90 m
Max Horizontal Reach75 ft23.00m
Ground Clearance16 in40 cm
Wheelbase9 ft3.00m
Turning Radius
12 ft  / 21 ft3.60m / 6.00m
Overall Weight40,000 lb18,000 kg
S.W.L1,000 lb450 kg
Max. Occupants (in/out)3/23/2
Gradability 4WD45%45%
Travel Speed(Stowed)3.0mph5.0km/h
Travel Speed(Raised)0.50mph0.30km/h
Max. Working Slope7°/ 5°7°/ 5°
Swing rotation (non continues)355°355°
Jib rotation130°130°
Diesel EngineDeutz D2.9 L4Deutz D2.9 L4
Diesel Tank (Fuel)40 gal150 L
Hydraulic Tank (Hydraulic)35 gal130 L

TS-85 ft Telescopic Boom Lift, Diesel, Dual-Fuel Features

  • 4WD Wheel drive to reach higher & gradability in 45% with very powerful rough terrain performance.
  • Excellent durability and serviceability to keep few maintenance costs.
  • Lifting the large capacity of 1,000 lbs is never a legend in history.  
  • 130° jib rotation and self-leveling platform make equipment operation much flexibility at the International level and standard.
  • To suitable much colder weather and winter environment obviously.
  • Telescopic boom lift, classic design and technology.
  • The 85 ft amazing lifting ability makes it helpful for tough outdoor jobs.
  • OEM/ODM and reselling the used boom lifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What service can you provide and what is the relationship between TacMan and RECOO?

A: We offer a full marketing line for scissor lifts, boom lifts, and spare parts. We do our brand TacMan and also customize brand new machines in OEM ODM, reselling or rental for used scissor lifts and booms lifts both.

Q: Does RECOO Engineering provide spare parts services?

A: Yes, we delve into the spare parts supply chain, providing comprehensive spare parts services for various brands and models of equipment, ensuring the long-term stable operation of customer equipment.

Q: What is the normal delivery time for orders?

A: Our company maintains a year-round inventory of most models from mainstream brands. All equipment can be delivered within 1-3 weeks according to customer requirements. For components, the basic delivery period is approximately 3 days.

Q: Can you provide remote technical support for users?

A: Yes, we have a team of excellent engineers who can offer remote technical support to our users. When necessary, we dispatch maintenance engineers to the customer’s location to provide on-site support.

Q: Do you offer financing services for customers?

A: Yes, we collaborate with third-party financial institutions to provide comprehensive financial and financing services to address our customers’ funding needs.

Q: What are the leasing modes and models of your company?

A: We do domestic China transfer rentals & international transfer rentals which means people can reduce capital pressure to do rentals in beginning from scissor lift first.

Q: How long are the transfer rental terms?

A: We give flexible terms of 3 ~12 months in the first round and customers can choose to continue or terminate the contract in priority.

Q: What are the rental rate payment terms?

A: It can be monthly and we give 1~3 month of free rental period support in the beginning.  

Q: Is the rental price listed on the website the total price?

A: Our website mainly publishes daily, weekly, and monthly rent based on the country. Rent can be confirmed according to different countries and regions as well as the duration of the lease.

Q: What will be the machines for taking care of once the contract is terminated in the first round?

A: We can take away from your yard directly without any transport charges.

Q: Can I collect or deliver the equipment myself?

A: Sure, please communicate with our leasing business personnel in advance to collect or deliver details.

Q: What is “local delivery”?

A: Generally belonging to a city or within a radius of 100 kilometers from our company can be referred to as “local delivery”.

Q: Can you provide services for my region?

A: Sure, within our global network, it can include freight for delivery or pickup.

Q: Can it be delivered tomorrow?

A: Sure, it’s usually delivered on the same day within the delivery range of our branch, and the next day for remote and special road conditions.

Q: Can I call the company that delivers the equipment for repair?

A: Sure, we offer 24-hour service. If any spare parts are damaged, we will provide replacement and repair work as soon as possible.

Q: When will my device be taken away?

A: Based on your progress in using the equipment and informing our company of the available exit time as soon as possible, our company will not force or urge customers to leave in advance. If you need to extend the use, you can communicate with our business personnel in advance.

Q: Do I need to make a phone call after the device is used up?

A: Not limited to making phone calls, sending emails, or sending messages, you can contact our leasing business for confirmation.

Q: Do I need to be responsible for the loss?

A: Yes, we usually verify and compare the entry and exit status of the equipment. If there is any damage or defect, we will evaluate and determine the cost. The specific cost will be based on the reference loss assessment standards in the contract.

Q: Do I need to bear the toll?

A: Generally, we provide professional delivery and exit work to avoid losses caused by unprofessional, unsafe, and unfamiliar transportation processes as much as possible.

Q: Does it include fuel?

A: Not included. Considering the safety of fuel, please purchase legitimate channels and choose reasonable fuel usage according to different seasons.

Q: Do you guarantee delivery time?

A: Guarantee, our company usually delivers vehicles according to the agreed time with you. If there are special circumstances, we will confirm promptly