45 Ft Used Scissor Lift Rentals(DINGLI JCPT1412)

The DINGLI JCPT1412(2014 used Scissor lift) is ideal for indoor and outdoor works due to their advanced design.  Meanwhile, a used JCPT1412 Scissor lift costs less than the brand new models. We offer used machinery painting, and new spare parts replacement(Such as replacing the new battery, new wheels, etc.) service to help the used JCPT1412 Scissor lift look newer and work better.

  • Max Working Height: 45 ft 3 in | 13.80 m
  • Platform Capacity: 705 lb | 320 kg
  • Machine Width: 3 ft 11 in | 1.19 m
  • Machine Length: 8 ft 2 in | 2.48 m
  • Weight: 2,980 lb | 6,569 kg
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  • Used Scissor lifts with a more competitive price.
  • Painting and new spare parts replacement service available.
  • Local service and training available after the customer purchasing the equipment.
  • Professional shipping method, easy to transport the used equipments and help the import clearance.
  • Professional engineers with IPAF certification will guide you on installing and operating the used equipments.
  • Battery drive, equipped with fully sealed AC system (drive and lift), replacing the traditional DC system (drive and lift), maintenance-free, more waterproof, more efficient and safer.
  • Automatic pothole protection system, more safe and reliable.
  • Unidirectional extension platform, can quickly reach the operation point.
  • Automatic display of fault code for easy maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly – zero emissions

Unit Specifications

ConditionUsed (90% Refurbished, New Wheel & New Battery)
Year of Make2014
Hours Meters300
Serial NO.To be subject by provider.
To exportYES
Certified OriginalCE
Max Working Height45 ft 3 in | 13.80 m
Platform Capacity705 lb | 320 kg
Machine Width3 ft 11 in | 1.19 m
Machine Length8 ft 2 in | 2.48 m
Weight2,980 lb | 6,569 kg

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For internationally direct rentals or sublease, you may E-mail us the environment situation and destination countries for further solutions by [email protected] or WhatsApp +86 1396 560 1261.

We RECOO Rentals support sublease internationally for 12 months in majority business solutions, to rental in directly from us, it depends on the steel mills usage units.

We RECOO Rentals pick up the equipment from your warehouse with formal document along with legal papers, or you may buyout the equipment on it to transfer the property at once from RECOO Rentals.

We RECOO Rentals encourage our partner to have long terms of business relationships in each friendly countries and it is only needs to surely before issue the extending contract and related documents signing.

We RECOO Rentals accept 30% in total value of the equipments in sublease, and the deposit can be refundable with immediately reaction when fully documents and rental rates settlement completed.

We RECOO Rentals focus on internationally JLG Genie Dingli brands only and Booms mostly are JLG Genie brands in range of the platform height 14m to 41m, scissor lifts mostly are Genie DINGLI from 6m to 14m platform height.

We RECOO Rentals release 50% to 50% and two months free rental rates acquired.